Logging Management

Log management, a hot subject (!). We all do it differently. I know, when I was first setting up my station, I spent a TON of time configuring logging software, learning about QSL cards, setting up LoTW, and managing QSLs for awards. There are lots of options when it comes to these concepts. I intend to launch a series covering different logging and QSLing topics. If you have any ideas, feel free to shoot me an email here.



4 thoughts on “Logging Management

  1. Hey Marty. One of the things I used to do with my paper logs was catch any station changes in the log. It seems that all the logging programs don’t even consider the “Station Log”. Did I miss one? Seems as you make changes in the station you might like to track any changes in results.


    • Hi Ed!
      I don’t think many loggers do this. I know CT (A very old contest software) allowed some sort of notes like that, but I don’t know of any current apps that will do that. I keep a paper station info log. It has helped me more than once track down antenna problems. I measure SWR at different times, etc.


  2. Marty, I sure would love to read a little more about how you handle the old-school (paper) method of logging. I do use software – now able to use HRD’s built-in logging – but I am still pencil-and-paper old school as a backup. Any thoughts you can share later on your experience about logging from the Jurassic Era of ham radio would be great.


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